Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Brunch Revolution Manifesto

This is a place for all sorts of people: radical, religious, atheist, artist…whoever you are, you are welcome here. Conversation is encouraged. Please come to the table with respect and care for others.

For environmental sustainability, human and animal freedom, economics, health, and our biological and spiritual principles, everything at brunch is vegan. Purchasing local, organic food is also important to us, and we do so whenever possible.
We believe one of the best ways to promote a vegan ideology is by serving delicious food. Joy used to be a pastry cook, and Debora is a produce genius, so we love to cook and eat.

Brunch is $5 per person, all you can eat. If our turnout is exceptionally good and our costs are easily covered, the price will be lowered. Leftovers (should there be any) will be donated to Food Not Bombs or given to our homeless neighbors.
Funds from initial brunches will be used to reimburse Joy and Debora. After that, funds will be used only to cover the cost of future brunches. We’re not so hot on capitalism, so no one profits financially from any brunch activities. And if we want to raise money for a cause, it is a separate collection plate, with your full knowledge.

We believe in freedom from authoritarian policies. We technically don’t qualify for government regulation, as we’re not-for-profit or a restaurant, but it’s not surprising that some might oppose the idea of “guerilla brunches.” For this reason, we prefer to keep our subversive and revolutionary ways quiet. Further, while Debora and Joy do the arranging and cooking, we don’t own this brunch, so please take ownership of our offering; it’s yours.


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